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General Guitar Gadgets welcome to the gadgets lovers if you are looking for quality gadgets information then you are in the right place.

General Guitar Gadgets
General Guitar Gadgets

The ProCo RAT has always been characterized in a world full of dirt pedals by using its unique and gnarly tones of distortion. This distinct pedal has given a wide variety of design ideas for building a clone pedal to the DIY guitar pedal worldwide. General Guitar Gadgets with their ProCo Rat clone, the Rodent, hit the nail on their head and I was delighted to get my hands on them.

General Guitar is a little family-owned company specializing in providing a variety of amplifier and pedal clones with different sets–or projects. “Projects.” In addition to the packages, General Guitar Gadgets are friendly enough to share various free schemes and all sorts of help in the world of DIY pedals and amplifiers.

As I have said, I have had the opportunity to put together one of these rodents and I wanted to share my experience with you.

Pedal building| guitar pedal kits

In reality, at first, I was a little nervous. I did my fair share of small pedal changes, actually here are some Boss DS-1 mods I did. I did not have much experience with the entire pedal construction process, however. The GGG kit includes an unpopulated circuit board, all components needed and an unpainted pedal box. You may say at the beginning, I was a little overwhelmed.

Pedal building| guitar pedal kits
Pedal building| guitar pedal kits

Luckily, General Guitar Gadgets gave a detailed online manual that could show me all the steps that made it quite easy to get this beast together. Maybe too easy, because I set it so quickly that I could not stop taking photographs (sorry!).

Personally, I agree that anyone can take on one of the GGG kits with intermediate soldering skills, their helpful guidance and the equipment you need to create a DIY guitar amplifier.

Specific Guitar Gadgets ‘ Completed Rodent

The butt kicks this lever! It provides the right deformation to create some massive, heavy rocks–without losing the mix in a live environment. I drive it into a JCM900 Marshall, which sounds really tall.

The General Guitar Gadgets Rodent smacks you immediately with a fat distortion we all loved from the initial RAT. This pedal’s ton (or filter) knob gives a world of versatility-from low-end, thick color tones to the top screaming tones that wake up everyone in a radius of ten miles.

This polyvalence explains why so many world-famous guitarists choose the RAT as they look for distortion pedals–and the Rodent is there.

In the Rodent, I mounted an OpAmp LM308 that gives it the original ProCo Tone RAT. Nevertheless, the OP07 OpAmp supplied with the kit also creates some large tones of distortion. Both LM308 and OP07 I have compared and both sound great.

General Guitar Gadgets Rodent overall rating

Fifty-five. Tone and complexity in construction. This pedal offered the exact tone I needed and was a walk in the park to put it together. I would highly recommend checking the Rodent–as well as the other kites in the arsenal of General Guitar Gadgets if you dive into the world of pedaling and need a great pedal kit that will not break the bank.

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